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Jeanne's Art Forms


Jeanne was gifted in many art forms and mediums, and always had a sketch-pad nearby to create something on paper.  

Art By Jeanne Benefit Trust
Pen & Ink


In 2006, Jeanne began using her creative abilities to create custom pen & ink renderings of people's homes. She began her own business, "Art by Jeanne", that helped fuel her passion for art and allowed her to express her artisitc talents. 

Art By Jeanne Benefit Trust
Graphic Design


To create a broader client base for her business, Jeanne used her graphic design skills to design logos, business cards and advertising materials for other small businesses and organizations.

Art By Jeanne Benefit Trust
Water Color


When Jeanne was first diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2010, her aggressive treatment plan did not allow her to draw or paint for quite some time.  However, Jeanne was not detered and as soon as she was able, she picked up her medium again.  As her husband, John Downey describes - 


"Another significant step was taken as Jeanne started drawing again. This was the first time since before the diagnosis of cancer on her brain that she has been able to draw. She told me it was great to have her hands translate what was in her mind onto paper".


                                                                                    - John Downey

Art By Jeanne Benefit Trust
Photography & Nature


Jeanne enjoyed all things in nature.  Her talents for recognizing beauty in the outdoors, was also easily captured behind the lens of a camera.  

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